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          campus news


          thirty-six uga employees retired jan. 1. retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

          karl mcrae andrews jr., remote site supervisor ii, enterprise information technology services, 7 years/3 months; joyce e. bickley, accountant i, biological agricultural engineering research, 24 years/3 months; verlene c. byous, section supervisor, plant genetics research, 22 years/8 months; martha m. campbell, research coordinator i, school of forest resources; 29 years/7 months; christy caughey, personnel assistant ii, employee benefits, 24 years/11 months; sharon w. chitwood, laboratory technician iii, athens diagnostic lab, 28 years/3 months; frances g. cofer, custodian ii, custodial services–south campus, 26 years/5 months; ronald e. cook, agricultural research assistant iii, animal science research–coastal plain experiment station, 23 years/7 months; barbara f. crowe, county secretary, north district–cooperative extension service, 19 years/9 months; norwood cullen donalson jr., director, central research stores, 29 years/6 months; diane t. embrick, accountant i, small animal medicine, 29 years/9 months; james n. etters, professor, textiles–merchandise-interiors, 16 years/3 months; richard c. field, assistant director, learning services–georgia center for continuing education, 14 years/11 months; ian j.w. firth, professor, school of environmental design, 29 years/4 months; lawrence o. ford, maintenance worker, preventive maintenance, 9 years/9 months; valerie j. franklin, conference coordinator, learning services–georgia center for continuing education, 10 years/6 months; david e. giannasi, associate professor, plant biology, 25 years/4 months; john w. goodrum, professor, biological agricultural engineering research, 23 years/5 months; mary ann griffis, county secretary, southeast district–cooperative extension service, 26 years/4 months; philip e. hale, research coordinator ii, forestry research, 26 years/2 months; brenda m. horton, program coordinator, veterinary medicine–dean’s office, 28 years/5 months; jacquelyn h. house, assistant to the director, director’s office–georgia center for continuing education, 22 years/6 months; w. ben iturrian, associate professor, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; 36 years/3 months; john f. kittle, bus operator, campus transit system, 40 years/1 month; sherly a. lathan, records coordinator i, student financial aid, 19 years/4 months; ellen m. lether, part-time instructor, computer science, 25 years/4 months; tommy l. mann, associate director, eits operations and infrastructure, 29 years/7 months; lera m. mcmanus, administrative secretary, school of teacher education, 25 years/5 months; albert c. purvis, professor, horticulture research–coastal plain experiment station, 16 years/6 months; sandra ray, administrative secretary, animal science research, 19 years/7 months; john w. rucker, farm worker ii, southeast research and education center–coastal plain experiment station, 29 years/2 months; virginia p. sorrow, associate director, budget department, 24 years/5 months; daniel w. stuart, assistant registrar ii, registrar’s office, 14 years/3 months; jessie l. taylor, custodian ii, custodial services–north campus, 15 years/2 months; martha l. white, counseling psychologist, counseling and psychological services, 13 years/5 months; and delores k. windate, assistant conference coordinator, hotel auxiliary operations–georgia center for continuing education, 10 years.

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